Active production phase started. Acquisition of Igirma-Tairiku joint venture went without laying off its workforce.

Лесные ресурсы

Timber supply area of Lesresurs is situated in Kirensk and Kazachinsko-Lensk districts of Irkutsk region.
Gross forest area under lease – 161,133 ha
Annual allowable cut – 440,000 cubic metres
Timber supply area is dominated by red pine and larch.


We acquired forest lease rights in Kirensk and Kazachinsko-Lensk districts of Irkutsk region (AAC – 372,000 cubic metres)
Forest harvesting, sawmilling, export and domestic sales of sawnwood were organized within one company – Lesresurs

Production facilities

Production site is situated in town Novaya Igirma, Nizhneilimsk district, Irkutsk region
Annual production capacity - 170,000 cubic metres of sawnwood Key market for our sawnwood is Japan


Operational efficiency was improved through wood residuals utilization. We started production of wood briquettes and pellets from sawmilling residues.

Wood residuals utilisation

Fuel briquette production line went into commission in 2013 and wood pellet production line, with annual capacity of 30,000 tonnes, was launched in 2014.
Briquettes and pellets are made from sawmilling residues – chips and sawdust


Our company produces sawlogs, pulpwood, sawnwood, wood chips, fuel briquettes and wood pellets. Our core products are sawnwood exported to Japan and Europe.

  • Taruki

    high-grade red pine rafters for Japanese market

  • Genban

    high-grade red pine boards for Japanese market

  • Red pine or larch trimmed board

    kiln-dry or shipping-dry

  • Sawlogs

    admitted by GOST for export and for domestic market

  • Fuel briquettes

    pressed sawdust for using as fuel

  • Pellets

    wood granules 6 or 8 mm in diameter, high-grade, FSC- and ENplus-certified (certificate RU 008)

  • Wood chips

    grade Ц1-Ц3 for using in pulp and paper industry

  • Pulpwood

    for paper pulp production


Forest certification means that an independent party (auditor) verifies compliance of a company’s forest management practices with international standards (FSC). FSC certificate guarantees that company’s product originates from sustainably managed forests. LLC Lesresurs has FSC certificates:

FC-FM/COC-643064 (Licence code FSC-C109107)


FC-FM/COC-643064 (Licence code FSC-C109107)



In the case of a comments on our operations by applicable requirements of the certification standards SBP will ask You to submit comments, suggestions or to express their opinion in relation to our activities and the resource base by phone +7 (3952) 780 920, +7 (3952) 780 921 or e-mail: post@lesresurs.com.

LLC Lesresurs has SBP certificate:


Supply Base Report of Lesresurs 2017
Supply Base Report of Lesresurs 2016
Supply Base Report of Lesresurs 2015
Statement of commitment to sustainable pellet production


Irkutsk office
Address: 293/7, office 601, Baikalskaya str., Irkutsk, Russia, 664050
Phone:    +7 (3952) 780–920, +7 (3952) 780–921
Fax: +7 (3952) 780–922
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Production site in Igirma
Address:   2/99, Vostochnaya Magistral, Nizhneimisk district, Irkutsk region, Russia, 665684
Phone: +7 (3956) 66-23-63

Production site in Nebel
Address: 1, production site of CJSC Kirenskles, Kirensk district, Irkutsk region, Russia, 666733
Phone:     +7 (39562) 4-19-55
Phone/Fax:    +7 (3952) 260-950